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Carrie Hawks

Carrie Hawks -Tigerpixie Fantasy Cat Art

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Carrie Hawks 'Tigerpixie', a full time self representing artist. I have been painting and drawing ever since I can remember. I have always been very artistic and fell in love with cats at an early age. I regard myself as primarily a cat artist and incorporate a fantasy theme with most of the felines that I paint. I have always felt a special connection to cats because of their unique personalities. This helped make them a natural subject choice for me. My own cats are my inspiration and models for much of my work.

I enjoy working with a variety of mediums but acrylics are my favorite. I enjoy using a wide variety of vivid colors and paint my cats in all the colors of the rainbow. Nearly all of my cats feature what I like to call 'feathered eyes' which has become my trademark. I feel that the eyes of a cat show their independent spirit. I try to capture the cat's mystical spirit in each of my paintings. My love of fantasy is clearly seen in my magical fairy cats and gothic cats series. Winged cats have become a favorite theme for me to paint. My fantasy cat collection will continue to grow as I have many more ideas in the works. Aside from my fantasy cat paintings I also enjoy painting custom commission portraits of pet cats. I always feel so honored when my clients entrust me to immortalize their feline friends in a work of art.

I live in Florida with my wonderful husband, son and daughter. We have 4 beautiful cats that were all strays. They are my furbabies! Pixie and Trixie are my sisters. Anakin is our special 2 legged cat and Mika is our other special kitty. We also have one sweet dog named Buddy and he tolerates the being outnumbered by all of the cats very well.

Artist's Vision
I have always been an animal lover, especially of cats. All my life I have been surrounded by these magnificent creatures and have witnessed their incredible awareness to the world around them. Throughout history the cat has been worshiped and adored by humans for their magical qualities. From every corner of the globe, over the many years since the pharaohs, the revered cat has had a special place in the record books. The cat is truly a magical, mystical creature. The cat has been blessed with extraordinary senses, such as us mere humans will never know. It is said that feline eyes are windows allowing us to see into another world. I believe the world seen through cat's eyes is truly a fantasy world. Through my artwork I wish to bring that world to life so that you will believe in the fantasy of cats as I do.

I hope that you enjoy viewing my work. Please check back often as I'll always be adding something new. Also please feel free to recommend my site to some of your Cat Loving Friends.

Thank you so much for visiting! ~Carrie - Tigerpixie Fantasy Cat Art -


Voodoo Empress Fairy Cat Doll - Patchwork Cat by Carrie Hawks


Lil Mummy Kitten - Halloween Cat - Russian Blue by Carrie Hawks


Senorita Cat - White Cat - Spanish Mexican by Carrie Hawks


Walter The Artist - Sphynx Cat by Carrie Hawks


Bakeneko Nekomata - Japanese Monster Cat by Carrie Hawks


Day of the Dead Cat Moon - Dia de los Muertos Gato by Carrie Hawks


Day of the Dead Cat Princess - Dia de los Muertos Gato by Carrie Hawks


Cy and Sal Space Explorers - Cyborg Space Cat Salamander by Carrie Hawks


Musical Mercat - Purple Mermaid Cat by Carrie Hawks


Day of the Dead Cat Sunflowers - Sugar Skull Cat by Carrie Hawks


Halloween Black Kitty - Cat and Jackolantern by Carrie Hawks


Voodoo Cat Doll - Patchwork Cat by Carrie Hawks


Day of the Dead Cat Candles - Sugar Skull Cat by Carrie Hawks


Cheshire Cat - Alice in Wonderland by Carrie Hawks


Madame Zoe Teller of Fortunes - Queen of Cups by Carrie Hawks


Day of the Dead Cat Skull - Sugar Skull Cat by Carrie Hawks


Dorian Gray by Carrie Hawks


Little Purple Horns - 1980s Cute Devil Kitten by Carrie Hawks


Alien Cats by Carrie Hawks


Carmilla - Black Panther Vampire by Carrie Hawks


Egyptian Pharaoh Cat - King of Pentacles by Carrie Hawks


Purrfect Page of Pentacles - Tarot Card Art by Carrie Hawks


Alien Cat by Carrie Hawks


Day of the Dead Cat Gal - Sugar Skull Cat by Carrie Hawks


Little Blue Horns - Devil Kitten by Carrie Hawks


Springtime Magic - White Fairy Cat by Carrie Hawks


Prince Anakin The Two Legged Cat - Regal Royal Cat by Carrie Hawks


Captain Leo - Pirate Cat and Rat by Carrie Hawks


Midnight Watching - Abyssinian Cat Saw Whet Owls by Carrie Hawks


Little Red Horns - Cute Devil Kitten by Carrie Hawks


Day of the Dead Cat - Sugar Skull Cat by Carrie Hawks


Ballerina Cat - Dancing Siamese Cat by Carrie Hawks


Summoning Old Friends - Ghost Cats Magic by Carrie Hawks


Steampunk Cat Guy - Victorian Cat by Carrie Hawks


Steampunk Cat Gal - Victorian Cat by Carrie Hawks


Temple of Bastet - Bast Goddess Cat by Carrie Hawks


Bast Goddess - Egyptian Bastet by Carrie Hawks


Garden Cat - Silver Tabby Cat Azaleas by Carrie Hawks


Nami and Rookia's Dragons - Tuxedo Cats by Carrie Hawks


Sunrise Swim - Sea Dragon Mermaid Cat by Carrie Hawks


Rue Rue's Fortune - Siamese Cat Koi by Carrie Hawks


The Black Cat Edgar Allan Poe by Carrie Hawks


Merlin The Magician Cat by Carrie Hawks


Blue Jay Kittens by Carrie Hawks


St. Paddy's Day Cat - Orange Tabby by Carrie Hawks


Candy Fairy Cat, Hard Candy by Carrie Hawks


Witch's Kittens by Carrie Hawks


Calico's Mystical Pumpkin by Carrie Hawks